Gobble, Gobble

For several reasons I write again today:
1. I doubt that I will get any time to post tomorrow (with the Macy's Parade, lunch with the in-laws, and dinner with my family)
2. I've been saving Thanksgiving links and have forgotten to share them (and need to get it over with before it gets too late)
3. I just love you guys

While this isn't a very long list - I wanna share. So here are some Thanksgiving links (from me to you)
  • For the kiddos in your life, One Pretty Thing has offered a list of a variety of Thanksgiving crafts, just for the younger set.
  • While most of us don't get the opportunity to go out and kill our own Thanksgiving meal, here's a tame turkey shoot game. It's really pretty fun and I'm not usually up for shooting games.
  • Lastly, Popular Mechanics made this list of practical ways to prepare your home for the holidays. It seems pretty useful, if I actually had people coming to my house during the holiday season.
Now go out and enjoy your Turkey Day.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Come visit sometime. Now is the great weather time. Nothing beats 70's (and rain for a few days at least)....K

  2. Happy THanksgiving! Hope it was a good one!!!


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