Better Late Than Never (ThTh)

There's no excuse for my behavior, but let's just say that I've gotten a lot accomplished at home since I've been gone.

I had a busy weekend: enjoying Margarita Friday, spending all of Saturday with my mom, and running errands and stuff with LOML* on Sunday (squeezing in some crafty time late in the day.)
Monday was a bummer for me as I wasn't feeling well and left work early (that wasn't the bummer part.) On Tuesday, I was supposed to work, but a quick check of my e-mail confirmed that I didn't have anything pressing to handle. As such, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned my house. It's a great relief to have the majority of the house in a resonable state. Yesterday, was work then off to help with the nieces. Busy, busy me. I'm back now.

Since it's "Thrifty Thursday", I'll admit that I did have one thrift store excursion this week. I checked out a place I saw recommended online. It was packed to the gills with stuff, but fairly well organized. I found a large wicker basket FULL of sandwich baggies of buttons. The baggies were only about half full, and they wanted $5 a bag. I thought that was a little steep, so I passed (they were marked "collectibles", and I didn't see anything special about them. They looked to be from the 80's or even more recent) I may go back at a later time and see if they'd be willing to part with them at a lower cost. I need to be in a "haggling mood" for that endeavor.

Oh well, I'm now going to exhaust the rest of my saved "Thrifty Thurday" links with this post. We'll have to wait and see what BS I come up with for next week:
  • I love this clip scoop (scoop clip?) for coffee. First, it serves more than one purpose AND you can use this for so many products (flour, sugar, shoveling jellybeans into my mouth - whatever.) It's just cool. At $5 each from Pampered Chef - it's a deal.
  • Here's a link to some natural remedies and helpful hints.
  • Now's the time to be thinking about the holidays (dangit) and all the gifts you need to get (double-dangit). For some relief, check out these suggestions from Thrifty Mommy on prepping and packaging for thrifty gift giving.
There - I did it - a blog post. What more do you want from me? No, really - what do you want? What have I missed telling you? How can I inspire you? Please let me know. I wanna hear from you guys too!

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