Conflicted (& FGF)

So, today's supposedly "Feel Good Friday" and "Margarita Friday".
I was. . .am. . .was. . .whatever feeling pretty good about today. UNTIL, I got to work.
I guess, I'm feeling good about my home life - not so much about work.

I made a really basic list of items to get done yesterday, and DID them. I also was actually able to wake up this morning (with a good 45 minutes before I had to leave for work) and get some tasks (from the running list in my head) done. GO ME!!
However, when I got to work I was able to confirm that one of the clients I have been working closely with canceled their services. What a bummer!! This has me worried about my position here. I'd rather go ahead and leave to pursue my dream of crafting full time, but there are so many incidentals to consider. Ugh, I've got some heavy thinking to do. I'm so neurotic, it takes me forever to make any kind of leap because I worry 'what if.'

In any case, let's move on to some "Feel Good Friday" links
  • This is fairly old, but here are 50 ways to help the planet. There are quite a few of these that I already do and a few that surprised me.
  • While I was on the cruise, I really could have used this list of how to come up with good conversation topics for the Captain's Dinner. I'm no good with smalltalk and was grasping at straws with my dining companions. There are also links on the page for starting a conversation, joining a conversation, etc.
  • This article really touched my heart. A girl with down syndrome was named homecoming queen. It brings tears to my eyes and helps me realize that there had to be some good people in high school, maybe.
And I'll leave you with this because it's just awesome!!


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