Movies and Food and Some Questions (plus MMSM)

Let me admit, I LOVE anything to do with vampires. However, the movie I saw this weekend was Bolt, NOT Twilight. I haven't read the book either. I know, that's pretty bad for a self-proclaimed vampire-fetish girl. Yet, something about this particular series does not appeal to me. I will not say why, for fear of offending anyone. I've got tons of friends, bloggers I read, and twitters I follow that are fairly obsessed with Edward and Bella (see, I know their names.) I just haven't jumped on that train yet. Because of the overwhelming fan-base of this and the recommendations I have received, I may go ahead and take the leap. Perhaps I'll read the first book over the Thanksgiving holiday (I've been told it's an easy read) and make it to the movies before it leaves the theater (if I like it enough.) What do you think? Have you read it? Did you see the movie? Will I like it?

I've got another question for you. What was the worst service at a restaurant you've ever received? LOML* and I have gotten some pretty bad service in our time. Our waitress last night at a personal favorite dining establishment has made our short list of the worst service. After seeing the movie with the nieces and visiting with my fam, we headed out for some grub on the way home. Since the two of us rarely ever go into the "big city" (Mobile, AL) together, we wanted to jump at the chance to eat at a restaurant that's not always an option. We started to head for a Thai restaurant, but passed Carrabba's and changed our minds. It was all downhill from there. Don't get me wrong, the food was EXCELLENT. In short, we waited excessive amounts of time for all of our food and drinks. We watched as the waitress talked to another customer across the room for 20 minutes while we waited. I was served a salad other than the one I ordered. The waitress talked to the other customer for another 10 minutes. Instead of iced tea, our refill was watered-down, oversweetened, iced COFFEE. (Apparently, there was some mix-up with the tea and coffee bags.) We watched as other servers corrected and explained this mistake to their customers, and our waitress gabbed across the room. When we informed her of the iced-coffee, she seemed surprised, laughed it off, and never offered more tea. It was disastrous. Again, the food was great. It looked as though other tables received fine service, we just got a bad one. It was not our ideal way to end the weekend. Oh, we'll go back there - with prayers of not being seated in her section. In any case. . .what's your worst experience at a restaurant?

Moving on to happier thoughts. . .It's "Made Me Smile Monday." Let's get to it:
  • If you liked the video of cell phones in movies, here's another one from the same people - metaphor free radio. Amazingly, I knew ALL the real songs so this really amused me.
  • In case of emergency. . . Do What?
  • Even the queen of craft makes mistakes.
  • On your next trip to wal-mart, take this card and play along - Wal-mart bingo
I'm sorry this is so lengthy, but I had to get it all out. Have a great Monday.

*LOML=Love of My Life

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  1. I think you should read "Twilight". The books were really good. What do you think you won't like? They're geared at teens, but I enjoyed them.


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