A Prelude to the Feast (& WWWW)

Can you believe there are only like 28 days left until Christmas? I haven't bought a singe present yet. I've got running lists in my head but need to put it all down on paper before I lose any more of it.

I'm just trying to get past Thanksgiving first. Of course, after that I leave for Disneyworld with my mom and nieces. I don't know when I'll get all of it done.

I don't participate in all that "Black Friday" mania as I have problems with crowds and crazy traffic people. I love sales and bargains, but I would much rather pay full price for something than lose my shit in public.

Speaking of going wild, here's to your "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" before the Thanksgiving festivities begin:
  • Check out this list of 40 creative lamps. There are just so many cool ones, here are two of my favorites (it was hard to narrow it down to two.)
  • Check out this tool for finding similar pictures in Flickr, Yahoo, and Google. I couldn't get it to work great yet, but plan on playing around with it a bit more.
  • Speaking of pictures, there are so many cool groups and sets of images in Flickr, it's amazing. Take, for instance, this New York in the 1930's set.
Since you don't have to work tomorrow, have some fun tonight and GO WILD!!

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