You Were Right!! (& MMSM)

Oh my, oh my!! I HAVE to admit that I was WRONG (I hope you're reading today, because this hardly ever happens ;) ) I read Twilight over the holiday and LOVED it. I twittered earlier today that I was emerging from a turkey-induce coma, but really - it was a Twilight-induced coma. I read and read. After finishing the first book, I searched frantically at bookstores and Wal-mart for the second. I finally found it yesterday afternoon in Mobile. I read until two in the morning and had a hard time leaving it at the house when I left for work this morning. As I'm leaving for Orlando on Wednesday morning, I can't decide whether to go ahead and buy the next two to take with me (if I can find them) or to take a break from the frenzy. It kills me to think about not reading them, but I'm also not sure that I will be able to pull my head from the pages if I take them. I've already made some rules for myself about when I get home tonight - no reading until I get dinner done and laundry started (I need clean clothes to pack.) I can get a little obsessive about books (I read each of the last several Harry Potter books in a matter of hours after they came out- no sleeping.) So, those of you who recommended Twilight to me - THANK YOU (and damn you for not letting me get anything done this weekend.)

Other than that - How was your Holiday? Did you see the parade? Were you falling off the couch when Macy's Rick Rolled all of us? I sooooo was. It was great. The parade is always worth it, but that just made it even more awesome. Of course, you should have seen me at the dinner table trying to explain what rick roll means to my grandmother. That was pretty amusing as well (especially since I had just finished off several glasses of wine.)

Since I had a rockin', reading holiday weekend that made me smile, let me share the wealth with you with some of the other things that made me happy on this "Made Me Smile Monday"
  • Octoberfest parking sign (look at the rules)
  • I had no idea chickens were such peacemakers - too funny
  • While you've got some time in the bathroom, you might as well out it to a creative use: paint by numbers TP
  • Muggle quiddich - AWESOME! I wish I was still in college and brave enough to start this up.

  • A pirate church??
Okay, I've got to get back to focusing on what needs to get done.
Happy Monday all!!


  1. Twilight?? REALLY?? Oh are going to turn into one of those Goth wannabes on South Park. :-)
    On another note, I do not know what rick roll means will have to tell me next time I see you.
    Have an AWESOME time in Disneyworld!!!!!

  2. What DOES rick roll mean?

  3. have you bought the others yet???


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