Christmas Unwrapped (MMSM)

Sooooo - how was your Christmas or other holiday celebration?
Mine was pretty darn good. It seems that everyone liked the gifts I found for them. Plus, it was a fairly relaxing day. Since my brother-in-law had the nieces, they just came over to my mom's for the present-exchange frenzy and then LEFT!! It was quiet, it was calm, it was awesome. I got to spend some time with them, but then got to really enjoy the company of my mom, step-dad, grandmother, and husband. How lovely!!
As well, both LOML* and my mom gifted me with some crafty tools - a microwave kiln for fusing glass and a mini craft sewing machine. I haven't tested out the sewing machine yet, but am LOVING the kiln.

Besides having all you shopping done and a New Year to look forward to, I've got some other topics to make you smile. It's "Made Me Smile Monday" at last!!
  • I haven't watched all of this, only the first 10-15 seconds or so, but I was in tears over the music, just watch:
  • QUOTE - "before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to?" - Unknown
  • I think LOML* and I have shared this video with all of our family and most of our friends. The beginning is a little slow, but just keep watching.
  • Now that the new year is almost upon us, it's time to think about what calendar you will be using in the upcoming year. This bubble calendar looks like it would be so much fun to mark off the days.
Hopefully, I'm back on a roll and you'll be seeing more of me (or more posts at least) now that the shopping craziness has ended. Happy Monday to you all!!

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