Catching up in Pictures

I want to keep the blog up, so I'm doing a quick picture dump

Mostly, I have pictures from the Disney trip that I want to share.

Here's me on our first day

Here's the reason we went to Disney - for the oldest niece to dance in the parade
The youngest had a good time too. She even turned Bambi into a reindeer, but she's a fairy - she can do that.

They got to design their own ears.

And see Cinderella's castle get covered in ice.
We had a really good time.

Oh, and here's some of the fusing I did with my new kiln. It's not great I know - but I'm still new at this.
Alrighty, that's all for now. I've got TONS more pictures, so I'll try to share those later.
I'm working on a big end of the year post for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll get done.

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