Weekend Summary and MMSM

So how was your weekend?
LOML* and I had a very nice time down at the Gulf of Mexico.

I attempted to summarize the trip for you, and it was WAY too much information. Instead, let me just say we had a fabulous time on the beach drinking beers and putting our toes in the sand and water.We also ate at the following restaurants (the first was our favorite - great beer selection):

Though we forgot some items because of the change in plans, I accidentally shaved my knuckle, the Gulf waves ate my sunglasses, and the AC in our room never worked quite right; we had a GREAT time getting some extra rest and simply hanging out with each other. I don't think anyone can make me laugh the way he can.

We headed home before breakfast on Sunday, spent some time with the kitty, and took a walk along the Mobile Bay here in Fairhope. It was really windy. I'm testing out my camera's recording ability so I'm sharing this video of where we walked. It's pretty short.

I also got some crafty work done, I'll share that later. I"m not happy with how some of the pictures turned out.

It is "Made Me Smile Monday", so here's some fun for you!!:
  • Check out what one big truck can haul.
  • These twisted trees are comical and beautiful, they simply make me smile.
  • Have you heard of photo bombers who jump in to ruin pictures? Pretty funny!
  • I'm not real sure what to make of this feedback on eBay. It did make me LOL though.
  • Here's a quick video of some comedy genius. You gotta love it, clean and hilarious!!
I'll finish up here - sorry to overload you with so much in one post - I had a lot to say.

*LOML=Love of My Life

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