Excuses and Making It Up

Okay, Okay Oops!! I've been a bad, very bad blogger lately. However, I HAVE been a great friend and wife. I threw a baby shower and spent some time with LOML*.
I am sorry about the big lag. I did not plan on the blogging break, it just kinda happened. I had a lot to do and the long weekend didn't help. In fact, my laptop has been in my car since Wednesday afternoon.
Just so you can see what all my time has been involved with, check out this photo synopsis:
Monday I got back to my desk and back to work.
Tuesday I worked and then got some crafting done.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were filled with planning, shopping, and crafting for the bay shower.
Saturday was the shower - it took up my WHOLE DAY.
Sunday was a party on the river.
Monday was a long, hard bike ride. We got to see some baby armadillos.

I'm sorry if my few, but loyal readers have felt neglected. Here are some fun links to make it up to you, and I hope to get back on track soon.
  • This should make you giggle a little - it did me!
  • Sometimes it just doesn't translate well. These Chinese translations are a perfect example.
  • It's so great to know that models are not as perfect as their bodies. Since I'm trying to lose some weight, these clumsy models make me feel so very good.
  • All women know that their men are just big babies, this photoset of kid and men's faces switched help show the Manbabies they can be.
  • Now that I've picked on the guys, I'll let you know that with these standards - I'd never stay married. Sigh, so glad I don't have to live up to that.
  • And for just a little fun and tension relief - Click this.
Alright, I hope I've appeased the masses (Ben). I'll work on making this week a bit more fun (for all of us!!)

*LOML=Love of My Life

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