Weekend Crafty Plans

I'm so excited!!
LOML* and I are going camping this weekend. We're going to pull our RV to the campground where some friends of ours camped a few weeks ago.
[I know it's Mother's Day weekend and all, but I haven't had a free weekend in a few months. So, I took care of the Mother's Day gifts already, they should be on the way there as I type.]
Last night, I packed my craft bags for the weekend. I hadn't even begun packing clothes yet. LOML* walked into the craft room, shook his head, and said that he thought I actually liked packing up my craft supplies more than the going somewhere. Of course, at that point, we still weren't sure if we were going to be able to get a spot at the RV Park, or if we were going to have to resort to plans B or C (B- hotel in Destin, FL and C - hotel in New Orleans.) He may be right about the craft supply packing. I get excited about finding new ways to carry a lot of stuff in a little space.
Wanna know what I'm taking?
Well, I've got a "small" bead bag packed with a variety of findings, wire, thread, pliers, and (of course) beads. I like to use fishing tackle boxes to store and tote my beads. At some point, I'll take a picture of all three of my tackle boxes. As well, I'm taking a general craft bag that has supplies for the following additional crafts
1. Embroidery - needles, hoop, embroidery thread, & fabric squares
2. Decoupage Jewelry - wood beads and bracelet blanks, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, gel medium, pieces of scrap paper, magazines, scissors, glitter, & sealer
3. Doodling/Drawing - journal, watercolor paper, gel pen, & watercolors
4. Coloring - fancy grown-up coloring book, crayons, colored pencils, & electric pencil sharpener
5. Tags - paper tags, hole puncher, brayer, glue stick, & thread
6. Shrink plastic pendants - Shrink plastic, sharpies, & clipboard

Since I am at work right now, I can't check my bag to see if there's anything else or not - I feel like I'm forgetting to list SOMETHING. Yeah, it's a pretty big bag, but I've got all kinds if little travel containers for the supplies to consolidate them. I can't wait!! LOML* will play in the water and windsurf. When I'm not playing in the water, I'll craft. I'm looking forward to the break from the house and running around.

I always bring a small craft bag to work (just in case). This morning, I pulled a few supplies from the big travel bag to bring with me. You can see the bag in the pic above, here are a few of the supplies pulled out and splayed on the desk at work.

I've only got a few more hours to work then it's home, finish gathering a few items, hook up the camper, and TO THE BEACH!! Too fun! I will try to blog a bit while we're there - between all the crafting and playing in the water!

I hope you have great weekend plans too!

Since it is also "Feel Good Friday" - Check out these links:Have a fun and Feel Good Weekend!

*LOML=Love of My Life

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