Made Me Smile Monday

I've sucked up the fact that I've got a sore throat and burning ears and came in to work today so I can (horror upon horrors) answer the phone. The boss specifically asked last week if I can make sure (for the next week and a half) to be here to perform this task and some bookkeeping duties. Sigh, I'm too nice.
Since I am regaled to the front desk, I have to cheer myself with the thought, 'At least it is "Made Me Smile Monday" and perchance I may make someone else's Monday a bit more bright.' Please let me know you life is now complete by this blog post!
Here's what I've got to offer you today
  • I dance to the music playing in stores all the time, to the amusement as well as embarrassment of LOML*. This cop in a convenience store, though, takes it to a new level. Is it a challenge?
  • As a psychology major, this sneaky witchery comic amuses me so.
  • I've visited croc pools before and am amazed at the people who lean over the ledge and try to feed them. This sign is for those sort of people.
  • A quick quote - "Is Santa so jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live?" - Unknown
  • I've saved the best for last. This video is a bit long, but TOTALLY worth it. I smiled, I laughed, I cried. It is THE most amazing wedding toast I've ever seen. (GrayStar and MavsMom - you will completely appreciate this.)
I hope you all have a lovely Cinco De Mayo and LOTS of yummy margaritas.

*LOML=Love of My Life

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