Ho, Ho, Ho - Ha, Ha, Ha

I don't have anything really fun for today's "Techie Tuesday," and I didn't post my long list of items for "Made Me Smile Monday" so here is a 'Made Me Smile Tuesday' post for you.
  • First, I have several quite funny videos for you
    • Jim Gaffigan's comedy routine centered around Hot Pockets made me absolutely cry with laughter.
    • If you have not discovered 'Flight of the Concords' yet, check out my two favorite songs by them. They have a show on HBO also.

  • I got to see a picture of one of my work friends from the early '90s where he looked like Magnum P.I. with a fanny pack. I about died from laughing. I promised him I wouldn't post the picture, I didn't say I wouldn't mention it.
  • College dorm posters could be cliche' even back in my college days.
  • The signs you may be having a bad day, as done in cat pictures.
  • How a game of marco polo can catch a criminal.
  • "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx
  • And some Holiday funnies
    • With the holiday excuse generator, it's easy to come up with an excuse to not attend one of those many parties you will be invited to this season.
    • Even though I haven't put up a tree this year, I can still enjoy a a variety of Christmas trees.
    • While I am nowhere near important enough to receive one, check out the cool LucasFilms Christmas cards from over the years.
That's all for today, I hope I made you smile (if not fall out of your chair laughing).

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