Weird Things and Christmas Trees and Celebrities. . . Oh My!

I have just a few links for "Wild Wild Web Wednesday"
  • If you're like me and have not even out up a Christmas Tree yet, you can still decorate a tree online.
  • Here's a pretty cool way to manipulate a 3D image
  • If you thought that was weird/cool, check out these glow-in-the-dark CATS. Yes, really!
  • While many Guiness Records are pretty weird, here are the weirdest guiness records of them all.
  • I'm so very excited because Peter Jackson (the guy who made 'The Lord Of the Rings' trilogy) will in fact be working on "The Hobbit" How AWESOME is that?
  • After seeing the before and after of these photoshopped celebrities, I don't feel so bad about myself. Of course, who's to say that those pictures weren't photoshopped to make them go from good to bad...Wait!! I was feeling good about myself, so why think about reality, I was right in the first place. So there.
  • Speaking of celebrities, check out this celebrity mash-up of what would happen when you combine a few of our favorite celebrities. WARNING! Some of these pictures are a bit disturbing!
That's all I have for now. While it's been a crazy week for me, it does not seem to be as wild on the web. Sorry!

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