Wednesday Web - Tackling to To Do list

Because it is the holidays, I already have a ginormous To Do list. As such, it's nice to complete something on the list. So, here is "Wild Wild Web Wednesday" before it gets too late:
  • I believe that anybody has the ability to be creative. Just see the art painted by bugs and you'll be a believer too.
  • After seeing what one lady has to go through at a meal time, I can believe that there is such a thing as too many cats.
  • I love the Pixar/Disney movies and have seen them all (I think) but was surprised by the number of Pixar easter eggs hidden in the movies and shorts. If you don't know, easter eggs are hidden surprises in movies.
  • As Christmas approaches, Santa is watching to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. If you're too old for Santa, your parents are still watching. Naughty kids will have their Guitar Hero 3 sold on e-bay by their parents. I guess that's one way to teach them a lesson. (scroll through to read the story)
  • As a kid, I always wanted an original Game Boy just so I could play Tetris. These days, kids create huge tetris games on buildings that they can control with their cell phones. AWESOME!!!
  • Wanna scare the CRAP outta your house guests? Put this talking toilet paper holder in your bathroom and be prepared to clean up the mess.
  • Of course, if your guests have taken gold pills, you will get to enjoy the glittery glow. Oh fun!
  • The impact of this Sony Bravia commercial is great. Apparently, the clean-up took a little longer, 5 days and 60 people in fact. Thankfully, it was pretty easy to clean up once all the paint dried.
  • This collection of pictures entitled 'Why I Got Fired' is pretty much all you would have to have on your next job interview to NOT get hired. While they are initially kinda funny, you do wonder if anyone was injured.
  • While listed as life-ruining movies, the majority of the movies on this list are some of my favorite, though I do get the point.
  • Again, some of my favorites are listed as the worst. This time it is the worst sitcom character names and some of my favorite shows from way back are used. Ah, the memories of the warm glow from the television as a kid, letting my brain cells wither and die. Wait, I still do that - oh well, too late now.
  • Lastly, I was excited to hear that Tim Burton will be tackling his own version of Alice in Wonderland. I think the book may have been written for him to make the movie. I can't wait to see how he envisions Wonderland.
Alright, there's the tamest 'wildest of the web' for this week, and one more thing I can check off my list. Thanks!

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