Peek at My Week (Aug. 9-15)

Over the course of this past week, I slowly started to get my creative groove back. I also started incorporating a little more physical activity into the days as well. Take a peek!

Sunday's dewy morning had everything aglow. We didn't really do much.

However, in the afternoon, Pat's sister and her partner came over for a swim and grill. Just as we were getting the grill ready, there was a quick downpour. 

Since there wasn't any thunder, and we were already wet, it wasn't a big deal. But, you should have seen the four of us huddled under the umbrella!

I spent most of Monday in Mobile to take my niece to the dentist. While it was nice to visit with my family, it was an otherwise uneventful day.

Tuesday made up for it with a busy morning of chores followed by errands in the afternoon. Before long, I was working on knocking a long-overdue project for a friend.

It was nice to have beads back on the craft desk!

Pat actually had a gig down in Gulf Shores so I was alone for part of the evening until this system started to head toward our area. Pat wound up only playing about half of the gig.

And, the storm broke up some before it got to us. 

On Wednesday, I began what I hope will be a new habit of taking daily walks. Let's just say that all of my clothes are fitting a bit tighter than I would like and I need some exercise in my days.


These walks are intended to get me out of the house and give me the opportunity to find magic in my neighborhood.

These honeysuckle vines were calling out for some attention! Back at home, I knocked out most of the tasks on my list but seemed to have lost the day in general.

Thursday is when I FINALLY started feeling my creative mojo beginning to return.

It might have rubbed off from the magic I found on my walk. This line of Hobbit Holes had me in awe for several minutes.

At home, I made us some smoothies for breakfast and started knocking other projects off my list.

I even pulled out some tin to work into the design for one of the projects going into the Bead Box.

I've finally got the box all stocked up and hope to have a reveal of it for you soon.

On Friday morning, I was captivated by the things I found on the ground.

While feeding the chickens, I spotted these pinecones that look as of the squirrels chewed them into flowers. 

Then, on my walk, this little mushroom caught my attention.

All of my house-cleaning chores were then quickly knocked out.

Just before lunch, I got the urge to punch out some tin. And, when that urge hits, I try not to ignore it.

I did that until I got frustrated with the punches getting stuck too many times. But, I got a few good punches in and moved on from there. 

Saturday was a little slow-moving as we woke up to storms and expected more throughout the day. I was excited to find two packages in the mail that included Vintaj Patinas that I believe complete my collection of their colors. Isn't that awesome? I think so!

I basically worked on coloring some embossed pieces on and off all day, even though the weather ended up being beautiful. 

And, we ordered dinner from a local Mexican restaurant - finishing the week in style!

I continued to work on the Five Minute challenge from Tiffany of Southern Gals Designs throughout the week.

There were definitely some ups and downs, but I didn't miss a day!

As far as the inspiration I found for you this week:

I'm not sure what the week ahead holds, but I'm looking forward to more hands-on creativity. I hope you're finding your creative mojo too!


  1. The mushroom mugs are adorable! I've always wanted to make a wrapped bracelet but never thought they would be really comfortable to wear. I still don't know??? Enjoy your walks!

  2. The hobbit homes are adorable. Are there bunny burrows actually? I am drooling over your patina ink collection. I need to stock some soon.


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