Creating a Wire Frame and Beaded Earrings

Remember back in January when Allegory Gallery issued a month-long list of jewelry challenges? I was trucking along great with that list, then hit snag after snag to get it completed. I believe I even posted through the 23rd challenge on their Challenge Facebook Page. I know I even made pieces for days 24 and 25 - though I can't quite remember what I did for day 24. Sigh. While it never made it into their album, Day 25 is etched in my mind because I made a video of the process. The prompt was to put together a piece using seed beads.

I don't often use seed beads in my work but do have quite the collection of them stashed away. After really loving the end result of using some to make one of my pairs of Living Coral Earrings for We're All Ears, I decided to make another set of wire-frame earrings. This time, I popped on the camera and taped the process. I broke it into two parts. First, I share how the wire frames were made using a wire jig.

After that, I explain how to string the beads on the frame to create the framed earrings.

The process is a lot of fun and the frames give you so many design options.

It's definitely a process I'm going to try to use a bit more also. Here's are the videos for you to enjoy. First, Making a Wire Frame with a Wire Jig.

Part 2: DIY Wire Frame Earrings

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about either video.

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  1. Great design Hope! I love the organic, handmade look of the frame.

  2. What do you use to seal your wire?? I am so going to try these earrings...


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