Peek at My Week: Feb. 24 - March 2

Another week has slipped away. I tried to fill each day with some creativity and inspiration. 
Last week I mentioned that Spring was well on its way in our neck of the woods. Above are Pat's shoes after taking Zoe out Sunday morning. That yellow stuff on his brown shoes is POLLEN! Everything's blooming and just about everyone with allergies (including me) is suffering from it. I did get a bit of work done both CraftyHope and the new job on Sunday before we watched the Oscar's.

We had waffles on Sunday, but the batch made too many for just the two of us. On Monday, I took the leftovers out as a treat for Bertha and Ethel. 
The Chicken and Waffles reference had me giggling. 

Zoe's movement has been limited lately, so we've been sure to give her extra snuggles to make up for it.
It's not completely working. Do you see the crazy in her face?

I've shared so much about the other pets and Leeloo's health lately, I feel like Rosalina's not had much of a presence here.
Did you even know we had another cat?

Wednesday was a beautiful day, though I spent it at my mom's. I did get a picture of her Japanese Magnolia/ Tulip Tree that's also begun blooming.

On Thursday, I got to share a project I've been itching for everyone to see. 
This Assemblage Owl was part of the Art Elements reveal. I've collected little bits of treasure for ages and was able to work in some of those pieces that haven't made into my jewelry. I'm giddy over him. 

It rained on Thursday and some of the pollen began to pool. But, the flowers sparkled.
The azaleas have almost completely popped.

Friday began a new month. And new challenges and goals are to come with that.
I discovered #MarchMeetTheMaker from @JoanneHawker on Instagram and am enjoying the prompts so far.

That evening, I headed back to my mom's so we could go to the Crewe of Columbus parade to watch my nieces march with their High School Band. 
Alas, I only got video of them - they go by so quickly. But, I did get this picture of King Neptune on one of the floats. 

Saturday was a full day of work - at least it's fun, artsy, mess-making work!

After work, we had friends over. They brought dinner, and I helped them with a jewelry project. 
And, that finished out my week.

As always, I won't leave without sharing some inspiration with you.

A new week had already begun. I better get to it. Here's hoping we both really rock it!


  1. What a fun week...except for the pollen! I love those tulip magnolia flowers. So gorgeous. The chicken and waffles reference is very cute and I did not know chickens will enjoy waffles. Your pets are adorable!

  2. I didnt know that you had another cat. How many pets do you have? Your work table looks fun. Please share the images of the artworks by your students too

  3. Alysen here. I guess chickens will peck at anything, heh? I have a Susan Tulip Magnolia at home, looks similar to this one, it must be blooming about now too! After the beautiful tulip form the petals flatten out and are equally attractive (at least to this eye). Thx for the peek! :)

    1. Alysen, Yes. Chickens will eat just about anything. By the time the petals flatten out here, the whole tree is covered in leaves and you can no longer see the flowers. Ha! I appreciate you taking the time to take a peek!

  4. I have never seen so much pollen in one place, I'm so sorry you're allergic! I remember pictures of another cat from the days when you moved to the new place, how do they get along with Leeloo? Spring is a bit late here, temperatures will be higher this week but March is a treacherous month and you never know how it ends, just hope not many plants decide spring is here for good :) I will never get tired of saying how brilliant this owl project is!!!


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