Peek at My Week: September 23-29

I started the week with very few creative goals but allowed myself to get absorbed in a couple of challenges and to take time to appreciate nature. By the end of the week, I was bursting with inspiration. There's definitely something to the whole "being creative breeds creativity" thing. 

Of course, we didn't start the week with a whole lot of inspiration as we continued to work on replacing the old deck.
 On Sunday, the first new board was screwed down! Pat had to replace some of the structural boards that go under the deck, but fortunately, the bulk of them were in good condition.

Though it is (was) September, it's still blazing hot here. So, we took a dip in the pool too cool off after working on the deck, and I spotted this treasure floating on top of the water.
I thought it was a dragonfly wing at first, but Pat's pretty confident it's a cicada wing. It does feel thicker and sturdier than most dragonfly wings. I've got it stashed away for now.

On Monday, I began gathering supplies for Sarajo's Honey Do List Challenge

But, realizing that I needed filigree beads, I took a trip to the store.
Alas, I didn't find the filigree beads I was searching for, but the two craft stores and two thrift stores I visited yielded plenty of other supplies!

While grocery shopping on Tuesday, the pumpkins at my local farm market caught my attention. 
I'm always amazed at the wide variety of pumpkins and gourds that Allegri Farm Market carries this time of the year. The fairytale pumpkins (farthest to the left) really are magical. 

Though I was at my mom's on Wednesday, I didn't let that stop me from getting a little work done. 
Her patio is always a great place to get some photography done in natural light. However, I was rushing to get the photos taken before the heat and rain set in.

While stopped at a gas station later in the day with my niece, I had an enlightening experience that really made my day. I shared it the next day on Twitter.

Thursday seemed to drag and weigh me down as it rained all day.
There was also the weight of the Ford/Kavanaugh testimonies. So many feels.

On Friday, I realized that I still needed to make some Fairy Art for the Art Elements Challenge
I busted my butt for several hours making my Fairy Necklace and Altered Paintbrush Fairy and ended up with a desk full of yummy supplies. 

I was relieved at the end of the day that dinner had arrived on the doorstep.
We decided to try Hello Fresh this week. I still had to cook the meal, but was excited it was going to be something new!

Saturday meant we were working on the deck replacement again. Of course, that was only AFTER we caught the early Bama game!
Actually, Pat worked on the deck replacement. My job, in general, has been to haul away the old boards. The rusty, protruding nails in all of the boards made my clumsy self so super nervous. But, I prevailed and got all the boards in the dumpster without incident. Whew!

Once again, we followed hard work with a dip in the pool. We're still surprised that it's the end of September and the first full week of Fall, and we can still get in the water. Admittedly, I'm not dunking my head, just getting in enough to cool off a little. 
Again, I found treasures in the water. These half-eaten acorns were scattered along the floor of the pool. I was fascinated by the squirrel's teeth marks still visible in them.

That was the bulk of our week. Let me share a little more inspiration that I found over the course of the week:

That's all I've got for now. I'm up to my eyelids in ideas and trying to figure out where to begin.
Here's wishing you an amazing week ahead.
Happy October!!


  1. As usual, lots of interesting stuff! I sometimes wonder how you find time to create with so much work still going on in (and around) your house :) It's funny I've been thinking of simple embroidery lately for refashion purposes, I've never been keen on embroidery or sewing but I've done some at school long, long ago - I hope it will serve me well :) Thomas Deininger's sculptures are insane!!! And it's almost winter here, autumn ended abruptly!

  2. What a week! I love that story of the man and his leg. Wonderful! The wing you found is gorgeous. That would be neat to preserve and make into jewelry. Today's pumpkins are amazing. As a little girl, I only remember orange. The partially eaten acorn is neat. I have never seen that before!


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