Bead Box 5 - Stocked

I would not get near as much jewelry made if it weren't for my handy-dandy Bead Box. It's a basic divided plastic craft organizer that I crack open when my inspiration wanes or when I'm away from home. Basically, I plan out one design for each compartment in the organizer and place the elements to work on that design in the container. That way, I have seventeen planned-out, ready-to-be made pieces when I'm ready to create, no matter where I may be. 

This is the fifth time I've stocked the box with supplies. Have a look at what's in each compartment. 

This first one is the same as in the last two. I just can't seem to make myself finish this cute wrapped cord bracelet. Here's hoping I'm a little more motivated by it this time around. 

I started stocking this particular box by dipping into my tin cut-outs stash. These two circles called out to me. I cleaned them up and punched holes in them before picking out coordinating beads and adding the findings that would help transform them into a pair of earrings. 

One of the other tin bits that I selected was this half-circle of acrylic-flow-painted tin. I paired it with another piece of the painted tin so that the pendant is reversible. Since I want the painted portion to be the real star of the show, I went with some basic brass beads to be the start of the chain for this necklace design. 

Another acrylic pour tin and a crescent brass tin were combined to create the base for this pendant. I decided it needed just a little something extra, so I made a quick tassel for it. Bright gold-tone beads will be used to create a chain to finish the necklace. 

These stacked tin and button elements have been sitting on my desk for ages waiting to be turned into earrings. I punched a hole in each then selected crystal beads and silver-tone findings that will help me finally finish them. 

A couple of weeks ago, I began playing with the idea of using cookie tin to top fabric to create pendants. My first set of plaid earrings was a later design from this same idea. I have to admit that I saw similar designs from several artists on Pinterest one day, and the combination of soft and hard really appealed to me. I hope to make more pendants like this in the future, but first I need to see how this one works in a completed design. I started by gathering the tiny beads on the far right. Those are going across the metal somehow to dress it up. From there, I gathered this combination of white and off-white beads that will be used to create a chain for the necklace. I cannot wait to see how this one comes together!

The previous design included the last of the elements that I used just because they were already sitting on my desk. From there, I had to get a little more creative. I dumped out my neglected inspiration jar for help and began making little piles of pieces that seemed to want to be together. This combination of a key, a chandelier crystal, and a vintage button was the first set to speak to me. I'm using black glass pearls to create the chain for this hanging pendant. 

This old brooch didn't need to be paired with other elements as it's fabulous on its own. I pulled out a set of gold and crystal beads from the inspiration bowl to create a chain for it. 

In the jar, I found only a few sets of pairs of items. These three sets kept pulling at me, the buttons especially, to be used for earrings. In addition to the buttons, I'm using wordy washers that I created and small charms from FreeIndividual. I've got a small spool of black wire there that I may use with them, but I may use some other wire that I just ordered instead. We'll see. 

Don't these all match so perfectly? I initially picked out the button and journey tag before the color was added to the tag. I was able to match the button almost exactly with jade Vintaj Patina and happily discovered the matching glass beads in my stash.  It was meant to be!

There are SO MANY buttons in this version of the bead box. I'm loving it. Anyway, the element on the left was originally going to be a pendant for a necklace, but as I finished it up, I realized that I wanted that little brass bell to hang from a bracelet. So, It's going to be a mother-of-pearl button bracelet with a bell. Should be interesting!

The Gaea pendant was all that I pulled from the inspiration jar for this piece, but I knew almost immediately that I wanted to add a tassel to it. So, I stacked antiqued copper spacer beads and bead caps above and below the ceramic bead and created a large loop for the tassel. After that, it was easy enough to find more copper beads and jade beads that will be used to make a chain. 

I don't even know what possessed me to combine these elements, but it could really turn out to be something amazing (or it might not - eek). I've had the two ceramic beads for so long, I'm not even sure where they came from. I paired them with a rusty button, but I knew I needed something else to finish off this long pendant. A heart charm from Scorched Earth was the key. To create the chain, I'll use a combination of those bumpy, matching glass beads and a variety of the brown and metal buttons. Wish me luck on this one!

I'm fairly certain that keyhole is some kind of scrapbooking element. I colored it with Vintaj Patinas and sealed it. Since the keyhole is fairly lightweight, I needed something that would give it more heft. I found the gray marble beads in my inspiration bowl. To round out the design, I picked out beads and bead caps that match the patina colors. 

Five buttons...yup this design is just five buttons. I've got an idea for a really basic necklace. And, it will use these five buttons. Just these five buttons. Hmm...

Both the key and the rhinestone element were in the jar. I attached the rhinestones to the key with E6000. From there, I added a chandelier crystal and a strand of smokey topaz Chinese crystals that will help complete a necklace design.

I decided to try again with a watch face after my recent watch-face tragedy. I riveted a watch face to a disc of aged tin. You can see where the riveting cracked the watch face, but it seems to be fine and I like the crackle effect. This is another piece that I thought was going to be a necklace but then decided that it needed to be a bracelet. So, I punched holes on the sides and picked out a small selection of beads: black with gold Czech glass beads and white glass pearls. It should turn out to be a lovely little faux watch bracelet. 

And, here's how the box looks all packed and ready to go. 
I'm really excited about all the fun elements that I worked into this box, and I can't wait to get started on it.

If you're interested in my previous bead boxes, here are links to each of the stocked and each reveal post about them. 

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Bead Box 4 - Reveal

I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing how each of these designs turns out. I just hope they're a fraction of the awesome that I've envisioned. It's hard to tell in this scattered state, but it's got me itching to get to it. I'll share the results with you just as soon as I get finish them all.


  1. I always love seeing these boxes! What a fun combination of components you've curated (heh, please forgive the alliteration). So many cool buttons and colors and textures... I look forward to seeing what you create! :)

  2. I love the sneak peeks into your future creations! And I'm very curious about some of them, too, even though neither is predictable!


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