Mixed Media Easter Egg

Easter is almost here, and I finally got a few decorations up to prove it. I even got the inkling to create a pretty, new decoration to go with my other DIY Easy Easter Decor

In reality, I think I just wanted to play with my paints and papers. This project moved along fairly quickly as I knew the direction I wanted to go in as soon as I found that Gelli print with the zigzag design on it. 

I'm not sure why the egg symbolizes Easter (I should probably look that up); but dying, decorating, hiding, and finding eggs has always been one of my favorite Easter activities. I'm actually a little sad that my nieces are too old and teenagery for me to hide eggs for them anymore. 

I did film a video of my process to create the Mixed Media Easter egg to inspire you to make your own if you get the inkling too.

Since I don't get to decorate real eggs anymore,  it was fun to blend colors and embellish an Easter Egg with my mixed media supplies on an 8x10 canvas board. The materials were simple enough: 8x10 canvas board, paints, ephemera (papers), adhesive (UHU glue stick and soft gel matte medium - Mod Podge or Elmer's would have worked too), stencils, pastels, pens/pencils. I did use a few specialty supplies that aren't necessary, but I enjoy them: Stabilo All Pencil, Tim Holtz Distress Crayons, Faber Castell Pitt Pen, Portfolio Oil Pastels, and Sharpie water-based paint pen. 

Here are a few closeup shots of some of the details. 
I love that the writing on the ephemera (old papers) pokes through in the background if you look close. 

The writing on this one includes the typed date of March 1, 1938. I thought that was cool that this paper was almost exactly 80 years old. 

The little Xs are my way of adding crosses to this project. It is Easter after all. 

The colors are all very pastel and Easter-y with a touch of vintage yumminess.

It all came together so beautifully. And, it was nice to have a little messy creative play. 

Have you created anything fun for Easter? Oh, and for more creative fun, I need to make a dessert for Easter Dinner - do you have any suggestions or recipes?
Happy Easter y'all!


  1. I thought that eggs were (pagan?) symbols of fertility. There were symbols of spring - welcoming new life into the world. As a lot of Pagan holidays/customs later became Christian customs, I assume that Easter eggs and bunnies (hares) represent the new life of Jesus Christ, after his resurrection. Please correct me if I am wrong for I have never really celebrated Easter as a religious festival

  2. This looks like such a fun project. All those colors and images. The egg does symbolize new life and rebirth and for us Christians it is also symbolic of Jesus's Resurrection.

    1. Mary, Thanks so much! I had a feeling the symbolism was something along those lines. Thank you for sharing and for stopping by!!

  3. LOVE your video! So fun to watch. Thanks for linking up to the Friday frenzy--we appreciate you!

    1. Aw, Laura thank YOU for stopping by and watching. :D

  4. Ahhhh how cool is that. Imagine finding old paper with that date on. Sadly my kids are also too old now for Easter egg hunts and I miss it so much. Hope you had a happy Easter and I love you mixed media egg. All the layers and colors work so well together

    1. I have tons of old paper, but am always looking for more. Isn't it disheartening when there's no reason to hide eggs anymore? I always loved doing that for my nieces. I guess I have to wait for them to have kids in MANY years from now! Thanks for stopping in!! :D


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