Project Inspiration: St. Patrick's Day

With St. Patrick's Day just a week away and with more than a touch of Irish in me, I'm itching for something festive. A few years ago I went all out and made quite a few decorative items for the foyer in my old house. But, I haven't really gotten in the spirit yet and need some inspiration. 

I've got Pinterest boards full of holiday projects that I never seem to get to. After sharing the Ornament Inspiration before Christmas, I realized how fun it was to put those projects out there to get my creative juices flowing and hopefully yours too. So, here's my first installment of Project Inspiration: St. Patrick's Day edition. 

Let me start by mentioning that most of the projects in the above pic were in my post about my St. Patrick's Day Foyer.  There are links to them, plus projects that aren't even pictured. BONUS!

Here are some of the others I've found and saved, maybe they'll inspire you too!
This Lucky Rainbow Printable from Funky Polkadot Giraffe steals my heart in so many ways: it's for St. Patrick's Day, it's a Rainbow made of BUTTONS, and it's free!

While the baby is indeed super cute, I want to you take a peek at the adorable badge he's wearing. The St. Patrick's Day Badge from Bunny Cakes is simply made from cupcake wrappers and ribbon.

Again with the rainbow! Of course, the rustic-ness of the burlap totally appeals to me too. This Lucky Shamrocks Wreath tutorial from Flamingo Toes takes you through all the steps to replicate it with burlap, felt, and beads. 

While the wreath tutorial does show how to make shamrocks, this Shamrock tutorial from Positively Splendid offers an alternative way to make them. 

I really kinda want to make myself one of these Irish You Were Beer t-shirts from Cathie Filian. I mean, I really love beer and all...

Yes, more felt shamrocks, but these are Embroidered Shamrocks from Stitcher Scribbler. I love the addition of the embroidery thread as an accent.

Okay, yes, even more shamrocks! But, how fun would it be to make a whole bunch of these!? Paper Strip Shamrocks from Sugar Bee Crafts look easy and festive!

Coastal Bohemian shared their St. Patrick's Day Shelf Sitters made from basic wood blocks. I think they're fantastic and simple.

I wouldn't be me if there wasn't some kind of jewelry added to this list. The St. Patrick's Day Earring tutorial from Lucy Li is a video, but she makes it quick. 

How precious is this printable Shamrock Crown from The House that Lars Built? SO PRECIOUS!

Finally, a few edibles because you've gotta eat!
OMG! Those are Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker. They're made with Guinness, Whiskey, and Irish Cream. I mean...come on!!

If that last one was just too much alcohol for you, these Irish Cream Brownies from Foody Schmoody may be more to your liking. 

And, if you'd rather not have any alcohol and want something SUPER easy, Pretzel Bites from LoveFromTheOven on Ebay are just the thing!

So, that's my roundup of great St. Patrick's Day projects and inspiration that I've discovered recently. Do you have any favorites that you've found?


  1. I used to do St. Patricks day jewelry on my blog until a couple years ago. Thought I do not celebrate the holiday I like working with green objects. I hope you get to finish your decorations and celebrate the festival with cheer

  2. Love St Pat's Day! Cute vignette and ideas~

  3. I never made anything for St. Patrick's but I happen to have a couple of green tagua clover beads so I will have to come up with something in the future :)


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