Southern Antiques and Accents Booth Update

If you've been around here a little while, you know that in addition to selling my jewelry in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop,  I rent a booth at Southern Antiques and Accents (Greeno location) in Fairhope, AL. It's an antique mall, but with so much more than antiques. 

I try to update the booth at least once a month with a few new items and remove older ones that don't feel "in season". As I mentioned in my Peek at My Week, I did a little updating on Thursday. Here's a better look at the booth's current status. 
The topmost shelf is just a sign, but the one below that is still pretty high. As such, I only place a few "featured necklaces" up there. Since St. Patrick's Day is a few days away, I went with a green theme!

The middle two shelves tend to hold the bulk of my inventory. Again, I tried to place green jewelry pieces front and center. I had no idea I had so many green pieces!

The bottom two shelves are a little more sparse (especially that bottom one - I hate to make anyone bend over too far!). However, they've still got plenty of eye candy! (Though, I think I ought to do something about the extra space in bottommost one.) Hmm, a challenge. 

If anything strikes your fancy and you're in the area, please head over to Southern Antiques and Accents at 254 South Greeno Road and check it out. It's open seven days a week and full of so many treasures besides my jewelry. 

Oh, and if you're up for some fun, Ladies Night is March 20th! Everything in the store in on sale (plus lots of EXTRA savings), and there's food and music to boot! 


  1. They'll look pretty and I wish you great sales. I would like to offer you a Visual merchandising tip though. Try putting bright colours like pink, red as backdrops, jewelry, objects or props in the top/bottom shelves. They'll offer more visibility than pastel colours, darks or white. When the human brain spots these colours it sends a message to stop and take notice.

  2. Looks so nice Hope! I will stop by next time I'm in Fairhope!

  3. Replies
    1. Kim,
      Thanks so much! I really didn't realize I had so much green until I started moving things around. I'm glad you like it.

  4. It is great that you decide what and how to display! I decided to finally consider proposals from galleries to show my work and will be referring to this and the other posts on your exhibit for ideas :)


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