Meal Plan and Recipe Review (Jan 27)

As South Alabama freaks out over prepares for the possibility of snow tomorrow, I simply dread the thought and continue on with my usual routine. Alas, the bread shelves at the grocery store were indeed picked over (what's up with that?) and there was a lot more traffic down the aisles. . .including one poor mother who was frantically searching the floor where her son apparently lost a tooth (gah!)

I will admit that I did buy a few more groceries than normal, but only because I don't want to have to head out in the next two days in the cold for something I may have forgotten/need. For now, here's what I plan on us eating this week.

Breakfasts: Smoothies, Oatmeal/grits w/fruit, Egg white omelet, Hashbrown baskets, Overnight oatmeal waffles

Lunches: PB&J, Pizza (from freezer), Tuna noodles, Cheese quesidillas, Turkey sandwiches, Soup w/grilled cheese, Leftovers

Spicy peanut butter tofu w/green beans & potatoes
Hashbrown taco casserole (vegetarian) w/corn
Baked ravioli w/salad
Chicken marsala w/pasta & spinach salad


Recipe Review

Oven baked corn fritters: I had SUCH high hopes for these. Unfortunately, I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I used wheat flour instead of rice flour and corn starch instead of corn flour (and added a little corn meal as well.) These cooked fine and were completely edible, however both Pat and I agreed that they were missing something. That something could have been as basic as salt. They were slightly chewy and really only tasted like flour and frozen corn. I MIGHT make this again and fiddle with the recipe some more.

Simple sesame noodles: As always, this recipe was a winner for us. I left out the green onions as I didn't have any on hand and will admit that I missed them terribly.

Bowtie pasta with creamy wild mushroom sauce: NUMMY! I kinda hate that we didn't eat more leftovers this past week as I would have chowed down on what was left of these.

Now that I've got all that typed out, I'm STARVING. Maybe a little snack before dinner. . .


  1. For your corn fritters, I'd suggest garlic and/or onion powder. Both add lots of flavor before having to result to salt. That being said, in most recipes, I've found that just a pinch of salt can make a huge difference! Recipe sounds great! I'll have to give it a shot!

    1. Candy, It's strange that you should say that. I ALWAYS put granulated garlic in everything and left it out of this recipe. I'm not big on salt, but these were seriously lacking in any kind of flavor to mask the wheat flour. I think a little salt would have brought the corn out a little more. It just needed some umph! Maybe jalapenos. . .hmmmmm. ;)

  2. In Slovenia the full blown panic in the stores occur only in the days leading up to major holidays like Christmas or Easter other than that we're renown food hoarders and could survive a mild pandemic without running out of food.
    The sesame noodles look like the perfect comfort food for this weather :-) yum!

    1. Ana, That's really interesting. I think it's funny that the panic is over something like bread. As long as the power goes out, everyone should be able to make their own bread so easily. I guess that's the fear though, that the power will go out and they want something easy to eat. I would love to start 'food hoarding' Actually, I want to start canning but first I need to grow something! Ha.
      Those sesame noodles really are great. If you like green onions, don't leave them out. They give the noodles a little brightness. Enjoy!

  3. those sesame noodles look real good but that creamy wild and crazy mushroom sauce looks even better! i have to remember to come back and get the ingredients list before i go to the store next week! stay safe and warm. i have been thinking of you and therese as i hear the news of what you guys will be expecting. yikes!


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