Thrifting Adventure

Over the weekend Pat and I decided to do a little thrifting. We went to one of those places that's more of a warehouse; an establishment where the wares are piled floor to ceiling with only a vague semblance of organization. I perused the overpriced costume jewelry and the DVDs (for the heck of it) before venturing into the building's depths. There were couches and bookshelves and tacky figurines, nothing that really drew my interest. As I neared the end of my path, I spotted a hardware section. Boxes and tubs and bags were filled with old hinges and knobs and drawer pulls. One bucket contained a full black bag of these items and I timidly stuck my hand into its innards. I came up empty. However, another box nearby was filled with smaller boxes and bags. There, with more timid digging, I unearthed these beauties.
Small glass knobs in desperate need of cleaning
I held the knobs close to my chest and turned the last corner into what seemed to be the electronics section. Realizing I would probably have to do more digging, I tiptoed my way through the piles picking at this and that. On a shelf I spied a basic brown cardboard box with contents overflowing. At the top were two plastic containers that I quickly recognized as sewing machine accessories. I laid those aside to discover a bounty of glass.
Beautiful electronic works of art
Pat was soon at my side to identify the items as electronic tubes. Though I was already giddy with excitement, we discussed how I could use the tubes before the shopkeeper approached to appraise my finds. She offered what I deemed to be a fair price and the treasures were mine!
Some of these vacuum tubes were even still in their original boxes
Have you unearthed any amazing thrift store finds lately?


  1. Great finds! Can't wait to see what you create with them.
    I did get some cool old electrical capacitors at a garage sale not too long ago. I wish I could show you a photo. They are solid tubes (bakelite?), about 3/4" long, with wires coming out both ends. They are dark brown with yellow, orange, red and gold stripes around. I made wrapped loops on both ends to make connectors out of them. I was going to make a bracelet, but wasn't wure if the wires contained lead or not. So, I made a pair of earrings, figuring they won't touch anyone's skin while dangling from earlobes. I love finding cool old stuff!!

  2. I love thrift stores, you never know what treasure you will find. I've picked up a lot of really cool beads and pendants for my jewelry making at deep discount prices.

  3. Nice tubes! If you ever decide to sell them, let me know. :-)

  4. If you ever decide to sell those tubes, let me know. :-)

  5. I am so very curious how you'll use those tubes! you're going to have to show us!!!!

    1. Cynthia, I actually have some ideas about soldering around them to attach jump rings. But in doing some research, I've come up with all kinds of other ideas too. There's actually already a BUNCH of jewelry around using these tubes. I had no idea! I'll definitely share some pictures when I get something made. I still haven't had a minute to be creative all year long. I'm working toward it though!

  6. Those tubes look really interesting. I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with them.


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