More Baby Conch Creations

I promised last week when I showed off my ZnetShows Baby Conch pieces that I would share a better picture of the pink earrings if I got one.

Well, here you go. . .

Oh, and I also made a whole 'nother necklace with some of the beach glass beads.

Yup, I made one of my JUNK necklaces.

There are baby conchs and real shells in there as well as all kinds of found objects including a zipper pull, Christmas light bulb, old earring, key, bell, and watch face.

What's even more enchanting about it is the sound it makes when it moves. Heavenly!

I'm digging it, but what do you think?


  1. Wow...very cool necklace. I love all the shells and other elements you added...the black chain on the earrings really makes them stand out...nice!

    1. Christina- Thanks so much. Sometimes I think I go overboard with those Junk necklaces and can't tell if they're great or tacky. I appreciate you clarifying that for me! As far as the earrings, I really wanted the contrast to stand out better than in the original picture and that's why I shared them again. Thank you!

  2. absolutely adorable! Love it!!!

  3. What a cooky cool necklace! I loved looking at it & trying to find the "found" things mixed in with the shells. Great idea!!!! Of course, the baby conchs are sooooo cute!

  4. I just took a closer look Hope, Interesting combo of charms. It is pretty cool. Are those real shells? The white ones? I still need to work on mine. Soon!!


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