Year of Jewelry Week 24: Commitment

Five days of blog posts IN A ROW!?
It's taken real commitment, but I've actually done it and am pretty pleased with myself. . .it's the little things in life that make me happy.

Speaking of commitment, that's actually this week's prompt for the Year of Jewelry Project. I didn't consciously work on this week's theme but when this necklace was finished today, I knew it fit the bill. Don't ya think?

It had been a simple brass cross. The simplicity of it had left me dumbstruck so I added the acrylic floral piece with some E6000. From there, the design just kinda took off.

I dug through my beads for white, ivory, and off-white beads and a few brass/gold tone pieces. I even did something I hardly ever do anymore, I worked on this piece while I watched a movie with Pat last night. That took commitment. . .

It was no time at all before I finished it up this morning. It's WAY longer than I had planned (guess I got carried away while watching that movie), but just perfect the way it is. You can see more 'Commitment' in the YOJ Facebook album.

I'm going to try to be a little more committed to the Year of Jewelry Project's prompts, but I really can't promise anything. My days and weeks always surprise me. Does the end of the week ever sneak up on you before you realize that you didn't get half the tasks done you had planned doing? This was a good one for me, we'll see how next week goes.

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