Meal Plan and Recipe Review

My day seems to be slipping away from me so I'm just going to jump right in to Menu Plan Monday.

Breakfasts: Cereal, Juice, Blueberry wheat pancakes, Breakfast burritos, Cinnamon sugar croissants

Lunches (options): PB&J, Soup w/grilled cheese, Bean burritos, Angel hair pasta with white sauce, Pita pizzas, Leftovers, Snack lunch, Cheese quesidilla

Baked Rigatoni from Dianne's Dishes

Walnut and Rosemary Oven-Fried Chicken from MyRecipes

I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie if you want to see some more meal plans.


Now for my recipe review of the recipes I actually made last week.

Pasta with Mushrooms:  This was awesome. I couldn't find the special noodles so I just used some linguini. We both had seconds and I WILL be making it again! SO GOOD.

Corn Chowder: This was pretty good. It really made a TON and was super filling. I felt like it needed a little kick of flavor to it though. If I make it again I may add some jalapenos or something similar as well as halving the recipe.

Two Ingredient Cookies: I discovered these on Pinterest a few weeks ago and since we had some bananas that HAD to be used, I decided to try them out. I added some walnuts and a few chocolate chips. As someone who has a texture aversion issue, I should have known better than to make these. Pat said he got used to them after the first bite, but I definitely had some issues. I will say that they are super easy to make though. They're just not for us.

That's it for this week. My tummy's already growling for dinner so I need to stop talking about food and hop to it. I hope your week has something yummy in it!

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  1. I need to do more meal planning. Great post & yummy ideas.


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