In case you need a smile too

I'm Moody Mooderson today and have been really thankful for the small smiles I've been able to eke out. Just in case you're in need of some smiles today too, I thought I'd share what brightened my day.

**I've had Pandora on most of the day and the song below made me giggle.
Screenshot from my iPad
**Anything Jonathan Coulton will also usually do a good job of turning a frown upside down. It's been a while since I heard this one and it was one of the first songs Pandora played for me today. (How did Pandora KNOW!?)

**I was able to be a little productive and finally finished this necklace that's taken me FOREVER (well, since Friday) to get done.

**I got a bracelet listed in the shop.
Perfect Wave Bracelet

**I'm making this amazing yumminess for dinner. (minus the grilled chicken)
Pioneer Woman Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta

 **And eating some of this for dessert.

Actually, mine will be Mediterranean Mint

**And, most of all. . .THIS made me smile SO MUCH
I hope something on this list made you smile too!


  1. Ok, the golum one made me smile too...
    Love the necklace!!! And I recognize some of that bracelet as the ZNet stuff, right? Are the rings from them too?
    I would totally make the pasta (with the chicken) but the hubs doesn't like anything citrus on his meat...sigh. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

    1. Shirley, Yeah I had to save G for last. . .he was my biggest chuckle of the day. The bracelet is actually one of my pieces from the original sea glass challenge. I'm just now getting around to listing it. Actually, I've got some beads from Znet in the necklace too. Ha! No citrus!? Hmmmmmm. . . .You could make it as a side dish maybe and 1/2 the recipe (it makes a TON!) Maybe save it for when he's not home! It really comes together pretty quickly and is an awesome refreshing pasta for Spring /Summer. Well. . .except for all the cream and cheese (but those make it soooooo gooood!) ;)


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