Chandelier Crystals and My Menu

In my post about the keys I got over the weekend, I mentioned that I also found/bought some chandelier crystals. They were only three bucks each for the whole line of crystals. I'm kinda wishing I had grabbed up a few more.

Of course, I it's probably best that I wait and use the ones I actually have before I start wishing for more. See the hoarder coming out in me? Aren't they lovely though? I like that the rectangles have flat backs. It makes for so many altering possibilities!

In addition to those awesome flea market finds, I've also gotten my menu made for the week. I've actually had menus made the last few weeks, but got them done late and decided to just not post them in the middle of the week. I think I'm finally starting to get into a flow of writing a low meat menu. Of course all the yummy chicken and bacon recipes I see on Pintrest don't help this resolve at all. Anyway, here's what we'll be munching on this week.

Breakfasts: Oatmeal/grits, juice, yogurt w/granola & fruit, cereal w/fruit, blueberry whole wheat waffles

Lunches: Peanut (or almond butter) and jelly roll-ups, hummus pitas w/veggies, juice, tuna salad on greens, cheese quesidillas w/fruit

Grilled chicken w/grilled corn on the cob & broccoli w/cheddar cheese sauce
Fiery tofu and coconut curry soup w/rice
Meatless taco soup w/tortilla chips
Homemade pizzas

I'm still making a lot of items from the vegetarian cookbook and working on discovering more. As well < I've been attempting to just substitute or leave out some ingredients in our favorite recipes (i.e. the taco soup). So far it's working out pretty well. Check out more Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

In shop news, I reduced the price of a few items this morning so they're now in the On Sale section of the shop. As well, these new earrings were listed.
Partly Cloudy Earrings
I'm excited because I've busted out a heck of a lot of stuff here in the last few days (though it's seemed to take FOREVER). With one item left on the to do list, I'm anxious to get back in the craft room and just create to my heart's content. No worries though, I plan on sharing my altered dominoes (probably tomorrow, but don't hold me to it) and the Sequintastic blog hop is Saturday. I do hope you'll check back in!


  1. Great finds Hope, nothing like a flea market to get the creative juices flowing. Your Partly Cloudy earrings a lovely, the turquoise blue and the sparkling crystals are a match made in heaven.

  2. Cynthia- Thanks! I thought so too. It was such an unusual shape, I couldn't pass them up!

  3. Lemon pesto pasta edemame almond?! YUM!!!
    those chandelier crystals are fantastic~i know you will do something awesome with them :-)

  4. Hi Hope,
    I'm trying to play catch up after not being able to go on the internet this past weekend. I love the crystals and I can see lots of possibilities. I love the menu everything sounds delish I may have to try those waffles.
    I love those cute little earrings.


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