Giveaways and Sale

The last couple of days have gotten the better of me. I've accomplished very little and want to make sure I get back on the upswing ASAP. So, I'll be rushing through this post real quick-like.

I was supposed to draw a winner for my Bead Soup earrings yesterday. I was busy with youngest niece at the dentist and didn't remember until dinnertime. So, I decide to wait until this morning. Here's the earrings.

Here's hubby pulling a slip of paper from the basket.

And, here's the winner!

Jen, Congrats!! I'll be contacting you for you info.

Speaking of giveaways, have you seen the collaboration between Genea and Staci Louise? They've meshed their styles to make some really neat sets. Like this one.
Check out their Inspiration & Collaboration blog for details on how to win the set above. Isn't it just dreamy!?

Lastly, I placed a few more items on sale in the the CraftyHope Etsy shop.
This necklace is just one of those items.
Life's Path Necklace
I'm off to try to accomplish some housework (blarg) as well as vote and go to a meeting tonight. At some point things will slow down, right? RIGHT!?

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