Labor Day Sale Items

With all the Labor Day Sales going on right now, I figured I'd throw my shop into the hat. Four new items were placed on sale (15-25% off) this morning. Check out what's in the ON SALE section of the CraftyHope shop.

Sweet Flower Necklace

Fabric Bead Earrings
Bubbles Ascending Necklace

DooDad Earrings

Though it's labor day here (essentially a day off to celebrate working), I'm personally hoping to get to work on my menu at some point. When that happens I may be back with that list for you. Of course, I'm still  not steady on the whole new diet thing so it may take me a while. We'll see.
For now, I do hope you enjoy YOUR Labor Day!


Thanks for stopping by! It means so very much to me. I love to hear what you have to say.

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