Introducing Shabby Beads

Hey y'all!
I've got just a couple of quick things to share today.

First, apparently I've had a brain fart all week and forgot to mention that you have until midnight tonight to vote on the Silk Color Palettes over at the Marsha Neal Studio Blog. Mine's listed there, but no pressure to vote for me. There are definitely some really beautiful choices.

Secondly, I finally broke down and listed some of my Shabby Beads in the Etsy shop. Eek!! I had a friend ask if I made any beads. That was the simple kick in the pants I needed to get those beads up. Here's a sampling of them.
Turquoise, gray, and hot pink tubes
Light green, yellow, and red saucers
Violet, pink, and yellow rounds
I'd love to hear what you think of this addition to the shop.


  1. Good job on the new beads--colorful and pretty!

  2. Hi Hope,
    Well you got at least one vote from me and not just because I know who you are, I really liked your bundle. Those are some cool beads I will have to check your shop after payday.

  3. Cool! Are these polymer clay, wood or ????

  4. These are really cool! I like them!

  5. Linda- Thanks! They're wood. I guess I should have said more about them here on the blog. Oops! I'll keep that in mind.

  6. Awesome beads Hope and I am glad that you are sharing your wonderful bead making talent with us. I am off to look in your store.

    Have a great day!

  7. ::skipping and hopping to Etsy shop::

  8. Love them! The green saucers are just awesome sauce!

  9. Those Shabbies are awesome!!! Glad you put them up in your shop :-)


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