How to Make Dyed and Stamped Buttons via Snapguide

Just checking in with a few quick things.

First, a few weeks ago I saw another crafter's blog mention an App called Snapguide. (I'm sorry I don't remember who it was. oops!)  It's basically an app that assists you with tutorial making and sharing. I went ahead and downloaded the app then, but hadn't really touched it until yesterday. As I prepared paninis for lunch, I quickly took the pictures with my phone. (There's also an option for video.) While I ate, I added supplies and directions to the photos. It took NO TIME to post that tutorial on Snapguide. (I'll share that one on Monday with my meal plan.)

Anyway, I've been wanting to put more tutorials on here so I made another guide today on How to Make Dyed and Stamped Buttons.
Again, it was really easy.

You can follow the link above to see my tutorial (guide) and get an idea of how Snapguide works.

While I really would rather have some better pictures and all the steps listed here on the blog, I know I'll continue to use Snapguide to find other guides as well as to make some of my own from time to time. In any case, I just HAD to recommend this neat tool.

OH! And it's rather social as well. Other members can "like" your guide as well as leave comments. It's a great confidence boost when someone LIKES your guide!

Not only did I make a tutorial, I also listed some new earrings in the shop. (These are some of my most FAVORITE earrings ever!!)
Happy Flower Earrings

So I'd love to know if you're a Snapguide member or if you know any other tricks to making tutorials easier. As well, what do you think of mine?

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  1. Hi Hope,
    I checked out your tutorial it is cool and it looks easy to do. The instructions were easy to follow.
    I love the earrings they are very pretty.


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