Poll Results (sorta), Another Question, and WWWW

Thanks to all 7 of you who took my poll, I deeply appreciate it. With only 5 choices and one 'other' box, I had two people agree on a change and five others in opposite directions. Thanks guys! The poll is still open for a few days, if you have not taken it yet. I'm starting to get a general idea of what I may do and what you want to see here, so things MAY change next week. I do have one other BURNING question for you related to blog changes. Please take a minute to comment and let me know how you feel. OR if you don't want your comment out in the open, you can e-mail me or let me know in the comment not to make the comment public.
Here goes: Would you rather see one long semi-daily post like I have been doing or series of shorter posts (i.e. one post with personal info and one post with links, etc.)? It's something else I have been thinking about changing and, again, value the opinions of my devoted readers. Let me know!!

Since it IS Hump day, I guess I'll give ya' some links to check out for "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday."
  • Check out the Sleeveface group on flickr where people incorporate themselves into albums. Kinda neat.
  • The p-mate allows women to go potty standing up. This would be helpful for nasty bathrooms, camping trips, long lines at the ladies room, etc. I saw these in a magazine MANY years ago and have not heard mention of them since. I am considering getting some. SO Tempting!! (Via - bits and pieces)
  • Try this fun, little Chinese game to calculate your brain's age. It had me right on but I was also tired. I'll have to play it some more when I'm more alert.
  • Wanna feel old? (I know, not really) But, check out the mindset of the kids entering their freshman year of college. Get this - they were born in 1990!! GAHHHH!!
Again, help me out here. I'm only kinda writing this blog for my own benefit. I would like to offer what you enjoy too! Let me know what kinda posts you wanna see.

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