Finally, Something Completed in the House Cleaning

In a spooky (from 'Poltergeist') Tangia voice: "This house is CLEAN!!" Well. . . mostly. I only did "paid work" for a little over an hour yesterday and then decided that I HAD to get my house cleaned. I worked on the laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Mind you, I have large laundry and living rooms. By the end of my rampage, I had a load that went to Goodwill and a serious allergy attack that only ceased with sleep.
But, boy do I feel better about my environment. Though I am really enjoying the feeling that comes with a clean living space; in the back of my head I hear, "but what about the bathrooms, what about your closet, what about the sun room." And dear God, If I can ever get my hands on LOML's office. For now, I'll rest and perhaps start on another room in a few days.

It's late and while it's still "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" I'm gonna share some of my most interesting finds from the web.
  • Now that school's starting back up all over the country, you (or your little one) may need to learn the president song, a little ditty to remember the order of the presidents.
  • Teaching English in Japan can be pretty hilarious.
  • I've recently gotten to be a big Facebook fan, though I've been a member for a while, so this facebook in reality video really cracks me up.
  • Those of you who are fans of Monty Python's Holy Grail like me, will like the talking black knight doll w/removable limbs. Too cool.
  • Something about this keyboard cleaning goop really interests me.
That's all for now, it's getting on toward bed time and I'm so content I think I need to go on to bed.

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  1. That video was hilarious! So is the black knight doll. I sent both to Gabe at work.

  2. I love those too. I hope he likes the m. You should just tell him to check out my blog, instead of sending him somewhere else.


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