Kids Say the Darndest (WWWW)

Just as I expected, the nieces were a riot last night. Here's just a sampling:
  • "Smitherman" said by a 5-year-old sounds a lot like the way the people at the Japanese restaurant spell it on our take-out - Medeman. (say it aloud, you'll see what I mean.)
  • Neither of the two of them could tell me their teachers' names. However, one was able to tell me EXACTLY the candy she got as a treat from the teacher after class, and the other could only remember that the teacher said "1-2-3 Look at me" to get their attention.
  • Lastly, while watching the Olympics they told me that they got to see some of the Olympics at after-school care. One said they saw 'water basketball' while the other reported it was 'water soccer'. I repeatedly said, "You mean water polo?" But, nope I'm apparently "Crazy Aunt Hope," because there is absolutely no such thing as Water Polo!!
For "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday" I've got a few things to share:
  • Are you neurotic or have any neurotic tendencies? This site will let you share and compare those. I, personally, have waaaaaytoo many to list. We're not going there.
  • The idea of literary tattoos is compelling. I've always contemplated a tattoo and these (from books) really appeal to me. I love the written word. Of course, picking just one quote, just one book, just one author would be so VERY hard for me. Yet, definitely something to consider.
  • 30 coolest and creepeiest trees on earth.
  • Font Conference (a meeting of the fonts). I LOVE fonts and this just makes me happy Yet, all of them did not live up to the look of their font - more to the name of them. It 's still a neat little video.
  • The greatest game shows ( You need to know that I LOVE games shows.) This list is fairly concise. However, I have a problem with shows like survivor and the amazing race on there as there's no studio audience or anything. I especially have a problem with those being rated higher than shows like Family Feud, The Newlywed Game, and Let's Make a Deal. In any case, if you love game shows - it's worth look over.
Go on and do something wild.

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