Outside, In the Yard (FGF)

Oh! You should be so proud of me - Yesterday, I participated in the household chore I detest the most – Yard Work!!This is actually a crepe myrtle in my yard (really!)

I felt a little guilty as LOML* did some yard work on Wednesday evening while I went out with a friend. So I knocked off from work early yesterday to get some new yard gloves for him, and then we started the work. He worked in the back of the house and I in the front. LOML* probably got 30 sq ft or more (I’m bad with estimating but it was a sizable area) cleaned under my lovely, old oak tree, while I struggled with the 10ft X 4 ft weed bed in the front yard. It used to be a beautiful flower bed when we bought the house. However, this was until I realized how much I hate gardening. I never knew that the biggest problem with my flowerbed would be grass. I understood having weeds in my grass, but having grass as one of my weeds - Inconceivable!! Since I was competing with the afternoon sun on the west side of the house (with NO shade), I nearly passed out and thus quit after about an hour. Of course, I also did some laundry, cooked dinner, and cleaned the kitchen. So, I do not feel nearly as bad as I should, since LOML* worked in the back yard for two hours longer than me while I watched Project Runway on TiVo. Ah well, at least I tried.

At Last! At Last! At Last - It's "Feel Good Friday"So go, go do something outside. It's the weekend already!! Enjoy it.

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