Oops, I Messed Up

We've made it home and done some "around the house" prep for the storm. We probably won't have many problems, but who knows. I'm posting now because there's no telling of we'll lose power and internet and for how long.

Let me apologize for the problems with my site and picture posts from the last few days. Apparently, there were some complications posting from my iPhone when I didn't have much of a signal. More specifically - it continued to send the pictures OVER and OVER before recognizing that they were sent. As such, I had multiples posted on Flickr, and thus here, of the same few pictures. When trying to correct it, I only messed it up more. If you want to see the originals of the unviewable pictures, just go to my Flickr page (see the sidebar).

Please keep the areas who are about to be impacted by Gustav in your thoughts and prayers. May they all weather the storm well. I hope you do too!!

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