Thrifty Thursday - June Thrifty Haul

Hey, y'all! If you don't know by now, I'll remind you that I adore picking up items I can use in my art for a great deal. I shop thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales, antique markets, clearance aisles, and anywhere else where there's a bargain to be had. I love to share my excitement over the treasures I've discovered in a haul video each month. And, today is the day for that video!

Today, it's a long one as I scored BIG TIME at a local antique store's monthly estate sale. 

As well, there were a few pretty sweet finds at my local Goodwill. 

I also found a few fun clearance items at Hobby Lobby and scored some things at a couple of antique stores. It was a good month! Watch and see in my June Thrifty Haul video. 

So, have you found any treasures lately?


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    1. Thanks, Ann! I thought so too. I can't wait to go to that estate sale thing again.


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