Make your own Alcohol Ink Sprays

You don't always need the fanciest and most expensive supplies to create art. Sometimes, you can make the materials yourself using more affordable products. This is the case with these alcohol ink sprays. They're both easy to make and inexpensive!

And, even if you can afford the more expensive and name-brand sprays, it can be fun to make and customize your own art supplies too!

Now, this idea was not my own, I learned it from someone else many years ago and have since lost track of who it was that had the bright idea to combine markers and alcohol. But, as I've been asked several times how my Alcohol Ink Sprays were made, I thought it best to just go ahead and share the process. It's so simple. 

I was able to find all the materials I needed for these sprays at the dollar store (Dollar Tree). 

While I've really only used them as sprays, they can work as inks as well.

You can just put them in bottles without a spray nozzle and splash them onto your page.

As always, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have about this or any of my other crafts. Just comment here or over on the YouTube video! 



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