Art Journaling Videos in June

In case you missed all of the action going over on my YouTube Channel (there's a ton right now!), here are the Art Journaling videos from June that I haven't shared here yet. 

Art Journal Spread: Believe in Yourself

Junk Journal Page: Collect Beautiful Moments

Art Journal Spread: All she ever wanted

ICAD 2021: Card 1

ICAD 2021: Card 2

You, Me, Same 3 June 2021: Junk Journal Spread

ICAD 2021: Card 3

Clicking on the picture or caption will take you to each of the videos. Right now, I'm in the depths of ICAD (Index Card a Day) and will be posting those videos each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until I get them all up. I hope you enjoy these and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all!

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