Peek at My Week (Nov. 1-7)

Y'all! That week was EXHAUSTING for such little actual activity. There was so much waiting.

We gained an hour on Sunday as time fell back for Daylight Savings. After some milling about the house, Pat and I decided to see about switching out our cell phone carrier. We were in-store for almost two hours and left empty-handed (though that should change this week.) And, that was the big excitement for the day.

Monday felt like moving through molasses. I did catch a kitty in the sun though.

We were a bit nervous about the election, so I made some comfort food for dinner.

I woke up early on Election Day and worked out a few more nerves with a little art journaling. It looked as chaotic as I felt.

It wasn't long before we headed out to cast our votes. We did have to wait about an hour, but it was worth it. 

We were on pins and needles back at home, though we knew we'd likely be going to bed without knowing who the new president was going to be. I tried to distract myself with some jewelry-making but didn't have much success. I did find a little hope and joy in the bowl though.

Wednesday felt much the same as I worked to distract myself from politics as much as possible. I did get to update the booth at Southern Antiques and Accents

I spent all of Thursday with my mom as she had a procedure. Friday was more waiting and looking for distractions. At one point, I even broke out the watercolors but still couldn't focus on jewelry.

I was up early again on Saturday.

Within a few hours, the election was called for Biden. We were ecstatic to hear the results . . . until we began to see some of the spite and hate from friends and family on social media. We stepped away to work out in the yard some. And, I collected a few treasures we found under one of the pole barn's lean-tos. 

I was feeling the urge to paint, so into the art journal I dove as I considered what all a new presidency might mean.

I hope you for more inspiration that I did over the week, and here's some more to give you a jump start on this week!

My mood is still way off, but I'm working on that. I hope that if you're struggling too that you find some way to focus that into something else. I'm working on making sure I practice kindness. Please let me know how you're coping with the cares of the world upon your shoulders. Here's to better times ahead!


  1. Ha, I feel like that all the time - with a full-time job and house chores during the weekend, I am always dissatisfied at the end of the week, no matter how many pieces I've made :) Some weeks are better than others and your will have your share of them for sure :) The scrap critters are truly amazing!

  2. I voted for Biden. Sorry your friends and family are giving you a hard time. Stick to your guns.

    1. Valerie, Thank you! It's all a part of being in Alabama, I'm just trying to focus on other things and realize that what the Trump voters are experiencing is grief. I need to allow them the time to work through the stages just like I had to four years ago.

  3. I love your picture of sun kitty and also your green (hopeful?) journal pages post election. I was exhausted this week too, like so many. I thought Sunday would be more hopeful, but I found myself quite down. I think it was just the culmination of all the stress, and today was better. I mean, we're still in a pandemic and have a myriad of problems, but I'm trying to be hopeful and doing self-care with creativity!

    1. I think we're all feeling similarly. Each day, I'm a little better and pray that our nation is too. Like I said to Valerie (above), I think most of the Trump voters are working through the anger and denial stages of grief right now. I just hope they settle on acceptance soon! Creative self-care is indeed great therapy!

  4. Ya, I was wondering why they took so long to announce results. But anyway its over now. Maybe there is some hope

    1. Divya, The results took long for a variety of reasons. For one, several states were restricted from even processing (opening envelopes and such) the mail-in ballots before election day and had to wait until that morning to begin. Secondly, media outlets and other sources were being over cautious about calling the election results too early for fear of a mistake. With so close of a race, half of the country was going to be upset either way. And, I'm not completely sure it's "over" for many of Trump's staff and supporters, they haven't accepted the results yet. I just hope we can have some peace here soon. Thanks for popping in!


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