New at SAA (for Super Saturday)

In addition to finding my unique handmade jewelry in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop, you can also shop locally for it in the CraftyHope booth at Southern Antiques and Accents in Fairhope, Alabama. Here's a look at some of what's new in the booth.

Mushroom Necklace

Coral Loop Earrings

Brown Key Necklace

Simple Bead Bracelet

Emerald Abyss Earrings

Shield Necklace

Teal Key Earrings

And, if you're interested in what the booth looks like...

When you walk in the door of the old bowling alley (seriously, yes!), there's a row of tall cases on the left. My booth is the last one before you get to the counter.

Here's a closer look.

These top two shelves contain first a few display necklaces then a shelf of pieces that include found and salvaged materials.

Below them are these two shelves.

On top, you'll find jewelry that's made from old cookie tins. And, below that are pieces made from a variety of mixed materials. On the very bottom shelf (not pictured), I have my bargain bin along with other SALE/reduced-price items. 

Here's an even closer look at some of the shelves.

Each month at the Antique Mall, there's a special event. This used to be restricted to a few hours one evening, but now takes up a whole Saturday with extended hours! It's called Super Second Saturday. You'll see most of the details on the chalkboard outside the store.

And, if you can't make it this Saturday, the store is open seven days a week. So, if you're ever in Fairhope, make sure to check it out. In addition to taking up the whole old bowling alley, the shop also includes part of the old skating rink. There are loads of booths (besides mine) to explore and lots of treasures to be found.

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