Peek at My Weeks (Oct. 18-31)

I'm running two weeks behind again. Technically, it's really just a week, but I've got two weeks to share with you. Since there's so much to cover, let's get to it!

On Sunday, the 18th, my eco-prints from the day before had dried and were beautiful!

We worked out in the yard some, trying to get an area clear before we had the shed moved. Pat picked up this shelf from the place where it had been since we moved it. I seriously thought it was just a section of a broken shelf. But, it turned out to be this. 

He called it a baker's drying rack where you slide in trays for the bread, doughnuts, pastries, etc. I can TOTALLY see painting it up real pretty and using it to store and dry papers. Can you see it?  I can't believe I've just left it sitting out in the yard for five years!

Pat's sister and her partner came over to help us move a few things with the help of the tractor. 

Then my silly sister-in-law got in the bucket of the tractor. I couldn't help but snap a quick photo of the two of them. 

Monday was all about running all the errands. I felt like I was busy all day long. Then, I got a happy surprise in the mail.

This was an amazing package from my friend, Ginger, who is currently in Japan. I knew she was sending me something, but this package of awesome just blew me away! Thank you, again, Ginger!!

On Tuesday, I worked general business-y tasks before pouring myself into an art journal page. 

And, our new TV was delivered!

In the afternoon, I helped Pat get prepared for the shed to be moved. 
This included taking apart our fire pit since it was in the direct path of where the shed would be traversing. 

After a busy business day on Wednesday and a new quote for the tree service that we're still waiting to have done, we had the shed moved. It was creepy and cool to watch two guys with a "mule" move it across the yard.

Thursday and Friday were spent with my niece in Mobile while my mom and step-dad went up to Birmingham for him to have a procedure. Meanwhile, my niece was running a slight fever as I freaked out that she might have the virus. After we got her a doctor's appointment for Monday, I spent much of Friday trying to find out where and how to get her a Covid test. Fortunately, that came back negative and my step-dad's procedure went well also. 

Saturday was my birthday. I really didn't do much. I had previously purchased some tube watercolors and spent part of the morning getting them into an organizer for easier use.

In the afternoon, we went to friends' to watch the Alabama football game before returning home for a little celebratory cake.

Tiramisu is my favorite!

On Sunday, it was back to yard and housework. While Pat fiddled with something on the tractor, I gathered a few found objects for a little assemblage.

Monday meant more errands almost all day. On Tuseday, apparently, I knocked out loads. However, I have no idea what that means, it's just what I told myself in my journal. I believe I also shared my Halloween lampshade on Instagram.

We had a delicious tofu ramen for dinner. I love that there's so many options for toppings!

We should have been prepping for Hurricane Zeta on Wednesday. But, I did my best to try to ignore the fact that another one was headed our way. Instead, I worked on getting my Gothic pieces finished and the blog ready to go in case we lost power. (We did lose power for about 11 hours) The storm was a lot of wind and rain, but definitely less scary than Sally. I hate that I had to send Pat out in it to pick up my niece from work, but fortunately, they both arrived home safely. 

On Thursday morning we assessed the storm damage. Fortunately, the only real damage was a large limb down.

While the power was off, we went ahead and started up the generator for the essentials.

Coffee and phone charging!

And, I did a little doodling to keep myself occupied.

The power was back in the late morning so I was able to get back on track before long. We did lose it again on Friday for about an hour and a half. After that, I ran out to Fairhope Brewing Co to pick up a treat for myself.
Thay had a special flavor release of my favorite Judge Roy Bean (Coffee Stout). In addition to the Tiramisu and Salted Caramel, there's a Thin Mint and a Cocoa and Cayenne. I knocked out the household chores when I got back to the house, keeping the beer as a reward. Once dinner was finished, I dipped into the the beers while we watched The Mandalorian. I tried the turamisu and cayenne ones and enjoyed them both. I'm looking forward to the other two as well. 

Saturday was Halloween, and I stayed busy all day, ending up at my mom's to watch the Bama game and help hand out candy to the few trick-or-treaters she had. And, that ended my last two weeks. The days have been busy while it seems I've accomplished nothing. Ah well, on to the next!

And, if you're looking for inspiration here's what I have for you. 

Whew! I hope that's plenty to get you inspired for the week ahead. Here's hoping it's a good one. And, if you're in the states, make sure you get out and VOTE if you haven't already!!

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  1. I love the assemblage too. Its a great idea.

    1. Thanks! It really pops because of the purple wildflowers that I've never seen in our yard before. I should go out there and see how it's fared as I just left it there for the elements. I'm sure everything probably blew away in the storm.

  2. I have a question - where did you get your "tube organizer" for your watercolor paints? Also, how long will they last in there before drying out? I have mixing trays but have never seen a container like that. Please share more about it. Thank you

    1. Hey, I probably should have been more clear about the paints. I bought the paints in tubes from Tuesday Morning then squirted them into the sections in the organizer. This is the first time I've ever tried this, but I'm not worried about them drying out since they're watercolors. They can always be water-activated. Here's a link to the empty organizer I bought (if it isn't clickable here, I'm also going to add it above in the post where I can make it clickable):
      Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Unlike what you think, I think you accomplished a lot, including crafting :) The spoon chime idea is sweet, I use a souvenir spoon to collect seed beads from my beading mat :) I can't stop looking through the squirrels pics, unbelievable!


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