Thrifty Thursday - August Edition

I love seeing what deals other artists find at a chain or thrift store or even in their community. Haul videos can be fun to watch, so I've combined those thoughts to share what deals I've found each month.

I did create a video of my August Thrifty Haul that you can watch at the end of this post, or click the link to go straight to YouTube.

However, if you just want to scroll through my finds, here you go.
At the beginning of the month, I found a tube of Tim Holtz Design Tape at Tuesday Morning. There was also an Andy Skinner stencil in the burning rubber pattern.

A pair of shredder scissors caught my eye at a craft antique mall place I'd been wanting to check out but am never in that area. I also grabbed a roll of waxed linen cord there.

I know it's a horrible, unhealthy obsession, but I have a thing for Dollar Tree. And, they had new school supplies in stock! How cute is that pencil case? I also picked up new colors of those fun glitter markers, some fat pencils, and decor tape along with a few other small items.

These two things don't go together at all. The magazine has some fabulous old images in it, perfect for art journaling. I got it for free outside the library. And, the rings were a cool score at Harbor Freight. It may be a tool store, but I never know what I'll find that sparks my fancy.

Here's a better look at the rings.
Oh, the possibilities!

I ended the month with a quick run by Tuesday Morning.
They had an abundance of Martha Stewart paints. I had to grab a few. While there, I also picked up a roll of double-sided tape.

Watch my August Thrifty Haul video to get another look at these reduced-price treasures.

So, have you found any deals lately? Tell me all about it!!


  1. The rings offer so many possibilities! The Martha Stewart paints look like big score - they are so expensive here! Good job!

  2. I always love to see what people find! you did get some fun stuff, and yes that pencil case is adorable. I din't have a ton of time lately .... but I did find some wonderful stones at one of my favorite bead stores that was closing. So sad to see it close!!! I drive my daughter to a lesson on Saturdays and the store is around the corner --- so I've spent many wonderful hours snooping around there. When they announcing they were closing and doing huge sales ... that was hard to resist not going crazy. I did keep it in check, but managed to pick up some gorgeous things. Now to find the time to sit and create!!


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