Peek at my Week (Sep. 1-7)

I'm not even sure what all happened this week, except that it was full.

Sunday was all about knocking out some yard work before my mom and step-dad came over for a little pool-and-grill session. Zoe was in her happy place as she joined us for a little while. 

Monday was a US holiday. Pat ran up to the studio to get some work done for a little bit while I did my thing at the house. I was going to meet him for lunch, but my car wouldn't start. When he came back to replace the battery, he was a bit baffled over the fact that he had to take off the windshield wipers and part of the dash to get the battery in and out of the car. It was apparently pretty easy to do (if you have the right tools), but just odd. 

Since I allowed myself to be a little lazy on Monday, I spent Tuesday trying to get back into the swing of things. I was a little aggravated when Zoe insisted on going out while I was in the middle of catching up and Pat was in a meeting. But, finding this part of a butterfly wing on the ground reminded me to take time to revel in the simple things.

On Wednesday, I was at my mom's with my grandmother. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but at least I had a kitten in my lap to blame.

Getting back on track once again on Thursday, I made sure to water the plants. While on the step stool, this mask we bought in Aruba caught my eye. We picked him out simply because of his comical face. He gave me a grin.

Friday was all about the house-cleaning and jewelry-making. That, and I had a bit of a panic attack. A little meditation and CBD oil got me back in place. Pat needed to find a rug for his studio, so we took a trip to the Habitat ReStore to find one before they closed. I got a big chuckle at the toilet display they had going on there. We also scored four motel chairs for $2 each.

Once we delivered the rug and chairs to the studio, it was getting late. I convinced Pat to take me out for Mexican food and a margarita. 

Saturday was a fairly lazy day as Pat had a gig scheduled and there was college football to be watched. Since I knew I would be camped on the couch for a little while, I grabbed Bead Box 6 and did a little beading while cheering for my Alabama Crimson Tide. 

Having the house to myself meant that I could eat what suited me best. I quickly pulled together this cheese and cracker plate and devoured it all!

We've got a few tentative plans this week, but I'm sure there'll be surprises thrown in like always. For now, let me share some inspiration with you.

And, that's a wrap for me. I hope you have a divine week!
Got anything awesome planned?

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  1. I hope you've enjoyed your week :) I'm catching up with everything and everybody after a three-week vacation with family visiting from the US. There was no crafting involved, just a lot of fun :)


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