Art Journal Spread and Flip-Through

I've worked a bit more in my art journal as of late and had made it a habit of working in it each morning for a few weeks before #CarveDecember started. In fact, I was arting so much that I actually completed one of my many in-progress journals for the very first time. At the suggestion of Tiffany from Southern Gals Designs, I recorded a flip-through of the complete journal. And, since I shared it on YouTube, I thought I ought to share it with y'all here as well. Let me start by showing you some of my favorite pages from the journal.

The highlights to this spread are scrapbook paper, a magazine cut-out, and a polka dot stencil.

This one was completed with various book pages, a Tim Holtz snapshot, and loads of paint in chartreuse and black.

Here's one that's just layers and layers of stuff but mostly crackle medium and ephemera (papers).

Layers of paper, gesso, paint, stamps, and a Tim Holtz paper doll made up this spread.

It looks like I threw everything I owned at this spread: papers, washi tape, thread, and inks.

Playing with trying to keep some white space on the page, I used ephemera, paper cut-outs, paint, a stencil, and a doily.

Sometimes I actually work on my drawing skills. This face was drawn on top of a paper and stenciled collage. I used watercolor pencils/crayons and ink on the face.

This is probably one of my favorite pages. It was made with papers, paint smears, stamps, doodles, paper cut-outs (that were painted, stamped, and doodled on), and a phrase from an old book.

Here's the last spread from the art journal. It began with a paper collage topped with gesso, inks, doodles and a handwritten phrase.

Now that you've seen my favorite pages, take a peek at the whole thing in the video.

Oh, and if you're interested in how I create some of my pages, I recently recorded my process of creating one of the pages in the next journal I'm working in: an old Bobbsey Twins book.
I was working on trying to include each of the stamps I carved in my journal, but have fallen WAY behind on that. This page was created toward the beginning of the month when I was still trying to juggle carving and art journaling each morning.

With the busy-ness of the holidays, it's become too much to do both, but I'm hoping to resume the daily journaling in the new year.

For now, you can take a look at my Art Journal Spread in an Old Book video and see what I'm hoping to do more of.

I hope the holiday season isn't taking you too far from your creative pursuits and that you're already planning how to stay inspired in 2019 too. Have you tried Art Journaling?


  1. The whole process looks very therapeutic and you're free to paint and doodle, awesome! I love your drawing - the nose the eyes, the mouth all make a character with a real life expression!

  2. What beautiful, fun, whimsical pages! I have never tried art journaling. It certainly seems like a relaxing craft.

  3. This looks like such a free feeling creation Hope, I sadly haven't touched my sketch book in over a week! I am taking a break next week and plan on reconnecting with my art supplies! Merry Christmas Hope,


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