Peek at My Week: Dec. 9-15

It's getting harder each weekend to find time to do these weekly reviews. I'm sure it's just the pressure of getting everything done for the holidays and trying to finish out the year right. So, I'm hoping I'll be back on track once the new year starts. For now, let's get to the review before any more of the week gets away from me!
We started Sunday with a Chicken and Waffles brunch at Warehouse Bakery & Donuts in Fairhope. Though it's been open for years, this was our first visit because there's always been a long line. We lucked out in our timing, and will definitely be back again.

I had a full day of sewing after brunch as I attempted to finish another Christmas gift. I say attempted because as the day wore on, I found mistakes had to wait to be fixed when I was less frustrated with myself. 

My art journaling this past week has been a little more sporadic. But, I did get a page done on Monday.

Monday night we actually went downtown for a couple's baby shower. Isn't the downtown Fairhope area pretty this time of the year? Well, it's pretty all year round, but especially with the lights.

Tuesday also included art journaling. Though, the page doesn't feel as cohesive as the one from Monday. Mainly, I wanted to use my newly-carved cloud stamp. I really dig it.

On Thursday, I made an excursion to a local coffee shop to upload a few videos and perk myself up. It had been raining and dreary all day so getting out of my typical confines was a nice change in the routine. Of course, these coffee-shop excursions are becoming a bit of a routine in themselves. Ah well, I can't complain about that. 

Something about my Friday afternoon snack caught my eye. It was tasty too!

On Saturday, my mom and niece came over so I could ride with them to show them where Billy's Seafood is. 

My mom was pleased with the selection and picked up the shrimp that will be part of our Christmas dinner. I'm looking forward to it!

Despite the craziness of my days right now, I've been able to pull off carving a new stamp each day as part of Balzer Designs' Carve December. My stamp collection is definitely bulking up.

Most of the links I found this week were distinctly Christmas decor related, but they're still inspiring. I hope you think so too!

  • I absolutely love this Rustic Christmas Tree made from lampshade frames. The simplicity of the skeleton design is great. And, the tin at the base...SWOON!
  • Quilting always gets my attention, but this No Sew Quilted Christmas Ornament had me doing a double take. I mean, NO SEW!
  • Here's a great tutorial from Rings and Things on How to Solder Glass Pendants. I've soldered for years, but there are some great tips in here. 
  • I don't know how I've ended up with so many old spools, but this Vintage Thread Spool Wreath might just be the perfect way to use some of them. 
  • As I mentioned above, I've been doing a little more sewing than usual so learning How to Sew a DIY Pom Pom Tree Skirt definitely caught my attention. I do have a tree skirt, but didn't even bother getting a tree this year. Sigh. However, I really like the idea of making my own tree skirt, and this one's so cute!
  • I have a thing for chocolate bark, especially peppermint. However, this Easy Chocolate Bark Recipe from Cookie and Kate was a great reminder of how absolutely simple it is to make. And, it makes me regret not having a microwave. The post includes a bunch of ideas for variations on your own bark. 
  • Since I don't have a tree this year, I was totally drawn to the idea of Using a Screen Door to Display Ornaments. And, oh the ornaments displayed in that post. Lovely!
  • Macrame is IN in such a big way. This Boho Macrame Christmas Tree tutorial could be used to make your tree trendy or even add a little something to your wrapping!
  • Make a beaded Christmas tree for your table! Seriously, it's a great design.
  • Caroline at Art Elements created an amazing layered papercut Christmas Bauble and shares her design with you. You much see it!
  • Finally, this article from Halstead on Finding Your Creative Identity Through Design is probably the most inspiring thing on this list. I've saved it for later. It's a fantastic read just as the year winds down, or winds up, or just about anytime you need some inspiration and insight. 

I hope you're enjoying the holidays to their fullest and not letting the stress of them get to you. Remember that it's a season of joy. Make sure to take a little time for YOU each day, even if it's just to sip a favorite tea or listen to a favorite song. Cram some time for yourself in there! You're worth it!! Have a wonderful week!


  1. What a fun creative week! I love the holiday lights. That is a great idea to head to the coffee shop on a rainy day. Good luck finishing up your Christmas gifts!

  2. You live in a beautiful place, Hope :) Christmas lights are so festive! I pinned some of the links right away for a thorough read later, like the one on soldering and the beaded tree.


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