Pinning with Purpose | Week 7

This week was even crazier than I expected so I'm relieved I only went with two Pins for this week's Pinning with Purpose.
If you're new to Pinning with purpose, here are the deets: each week, I pick out a few pins from my Pinterest boards and try to recreate them or use them for inspiration. And, I challenge you to do the same. Find a pin that gets your creative juices going; be it a craft tutorial, recipe, style inspiration, or organizational tip and run with it. I encourage you to share your results on your blog and then link it up here.

Did you see the link-ups from last week's Pinning with Purpose?

Lorraine at Clamco Cottage gave a facelift to brown wicker end tables.
Rosantia at Bairozan's Blog not only made this beautiful nest jewelry set
She also created this stunningly romantic rope bracelet

As for what I worked on this week (please remember to go to the original sites to pin or share any of these images, above or below), here's a reminder of what I had on tap:
Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip from Cook the Story off my Healthy-er Eats board
Beaded Toggle and Bar Clasp Tutorial from Beading Gem off my Jewelry Tutorials board

And, here's how they turned out:

The Chocolate Fruit Dip came together quickly, and I stored it in the fridge for a few hours before we tried it.
The consistency was thick like pudding, which I liked. We both thought the dip was good. However, we both noticed something a little off' about the taste. I definitely want to experiment with this recipe since we did like it. We think it could be the amount of cinnamon used or maybe even just old cocoa powder. I'll be referring to this recipe again to adjust it to my liking. It's a great base though.

Since I was just learning the technique for the Beaded Toggle and Bar Clasp, I used some cheaper wire and beads.
Though these aren't perfect by any means, I like the simplicity of the technique. I'll definitely be keeping this idea in my wheelhouse for when I need a matching clasp.

I'm hoping to feel better and get more done next week (wishful thinking?), so here are the Pinned links I have planned for myself.
It should be a great week! I hope yours will be fun and inspiring as well.


  1. I just love Rosantia's sense of style, Hope :) I had seen the toggle clasp tutorial on Pearl's blog but wasn't inspired to try... perhaps it is time for another look :)

  2. mmmmm...I suddenly have an overwhelming craving for chocolate! Have a great week Hope!

    1. Ha, yeah. . .the pictures of that chocolate dip will do that to you. It definitely makes fruit a little more decadent! Thanks Jenna!! :)

  3. Thank you for the shout out, Hope! I've never made chocolate dips at home, maybe I'll give it a try. And I have the same toggle clasp tutorial pinned but haven't tried it yet - yours are beautiful and are certainly worth it!

  4. Thanks for the mention Hope! I had a nice silver bracelet with a toggle and bar clasp, but it kept falling off and I eventually lost it. I think it was just too big.


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